Casting an adventure film series. Production states: “Blurring the lines of reality and fiction, step into the world we’ve deemed as ‘4th wall marketing’ – experience and product in action through storytelling that follows an unlikely group of heroes as they discover the world of Quest and are pulled deeper into the web of Alliance…an interconnected world of powerful families, ambitious players, and endless adventure. Actively casting for lead roles for short film series, with near term needs for the second installment where these protagonists will prove worthy challengers to our antagonist’s plot and ultimately keep equilibrium within the world. Set within exotic domestic locations with the thrill of adventure, the short films serve as core story continuation of multimedia campaign launched in Fall 2020. Lead roles will also have ability for additional modeling opportunities postproduction of these short films. Moreover, filming for the third installment will take place in Fall 2021.”

Alana (Lead): 24-33. The youngest and only female in the family. Highly educated, even more capable. Would rather spend her time living adventure than reading about it. Views gear as toys and a tool/means to an end. Because of her family, money is no concern. Travels. Explores. Does what she wants, when she wants. For as much as she enjoys playing in the dirt, she loves living in the clouds. Will always prefer a 5 star restaurant and high end wine over almost any option, but appreciates the local foods and culinary delights of cultures she comes across in her travels. She has never had much real responsibility, until certain events take place. Not all skills are required but experience is a plus. Feel free to include candid/unprofessional photos of outdoor experience with application. Required Media: Headshot/Photo. Required Skills: Sports/Fitness: Rock Climbing. Sports/Fitness: Diving. Sports/Fitness: Hiking. Sports/Fitness: Mountain Biking. Swimming

Paul (Lead): 35-45. The oldest of the family. Highly educated and scheming. Is being groomed to take over the family business, so his days are spent in meetings, traveling and conversing with world leaders/influential business people. Longs for his younger life when he was reckless and chasing adrenaline. Skydiving, moto, F1, scuba diving, were all his favorite pastimes before getting serious (and growing up). He maintains his athletic shape even though he doesn’t have time to indulge in athletics anymore. Works closely with his father which tames his wild side. Required Media: Headshot/Photo

Alex (Lead): 28-35. The middle child of the family, living in his older brother’s shadow and annoyed by how naturally talented his younger sister is in all things. He’s had to work hard in school and life to earn the respect of others. Well educated, but struggled. Prefers to live a lavish life without the effort of earning it. Not completely spineless, but lacks true courage. He adores his sister and she him. While polar opposites they are very connected to one another. Not particularly athletic but not out of shape. Very modern and progressive compared to his family. Would prefer to be surrounded by luxury at all times and baths in his ignorance of the real world. Required Media: Headshot/Photo

Andre (Supporting): 38-55. Bruce Wayne has Alfred Pennyworth; Alana has Andre. Andre is Alana’s most trusted and oldest friend. They share a love for adventure and a passion for discovery. Andre has taught Alana much of what she knows and trained her capabilities for years. Like the younger sister he lost, Andre watches out for Alana but certainly allows her to make her own mistakes and learn from failure. Witty and firm but always a good source of comedic relief. Well versed in the world and looks older than his real age – a sign of many great travels. Accents are a bonus, not required. Required Media: Headshot/Photo. Required Skills: Accents/Dialects: Australian. Accents/Dialects: British

Rowan (Supporting): 24-35. Alana’s antagonist counterpart – equal in experience and skill, albeit different skill sets. As Alana excels in the outdoors, Rowan commands the concrete jungle. Feels equally at home in the boardroom and the construction site. She captured the attention of Alliance and was recruited by Dixon [main antagonist for installment one] – a chameleon of sorts, she is cunning, fearless, self-built and self-taught, her ambition is driven by her roots [the riches to rags secret of being the last remaining descendant from the forgotten 6th crime family of New York – a secret she guards with her life]. The most obvious successor for Dixon, if she were his blood. Athletic and muscular, but not overly active, she carries herself with the confidence in outsmarting her opponents rather than being physically superior. Required Media: Headshot/Photo

Production states: “Epic locations, legendary experiences. Like an adventure vacation and just happen to be filming a short film. Filming for second installment anticipated to take as little as 5 and as many as 10 days. Scheduling coordinated once roles are filled and confirmed with film crew. Filming locations include adventure locations in local Colorado, California, Nevada, Utah, Alabama, Texas. Alternates include Arizona, Montana, Mexico, and North Carolina. Auditions through mid-May, filming for second installment in late May or early June depending on availability. Third installment films in Fall 2021.”

No Pay. Unpaid. Travel/accommodations covered, meals provided. Potential for free apparel and gear from filming. Follow-on opportunities to be discussed postproduction. Execution of NDA will be required.

Seeking talent: Nationwide (United States)

Apply here. 

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