Casting for “Drawing Blanks” pilot. Synopsis: “Drawing Blanks” follows an out of luck animator who was forced to move back in with his eccentric parents and is soon given an opportunity to take his skill into network television. He is aided by his best friend, a charismatic talent agent. “Drawing Blanks” is a unique blend of comedy, drama and heart, with use of animation to tell it’s charming story.

Artie Denton: Male, 25-35. After losing a dead end job in commercial advertisement, Artie finds himself moving back in with his parents and feeling burnt out; after reaching out to Quinton he lands an interview at “Moxie Productions” for a shot at being an animator for an animated action sitcom. Required Media: Headshot/Photo, Video Reel

Quinton Brooks (Supporting): Male, 25-35. Artie’s childhood friend and talent agent; despite quitting his position at a talent agency, Quinton took in Artie as a client at his request; shortly after quitting his grandfather passes away and in turn passes down the deed to the apartment complex which he, Candice, Mackenzie and Artie reside. Ethnicity: Black / African Descent. Required Media: Headshot/Photo, Video Reel.

Vince Clemens (Supporting): Male, 25-35. Voice actor for “The Untraceables” Vince is a hotheaded trouble maker who can be brash at times; aside from his passion for voice acting, Vince has done a few stints as head chef for events and hotels. Required Media: Headshot/Photo, Video Reel.

Mackenzie Ward (Supporting): 23-33. Co-founder of the “elite” gaming team known as “The Sex Pixels”; Mackenzie is not your typical girl next door; Mackenzie is naturally competitive and will not back down for a challenge and will always make a point to be at her best. Required Media: Headshot/Photo, Video Reel.

Candice Carter (Supporting): Female, 23-33. Co- founder of “The Sex Pixels” and Mackenzie’s roommate; Candice is outspoken and can trash talk like no other; Candice is known to be the “femme fatale” of the team and in her dating life. Required Media: Headshot/Photo, Video Reel.

Martha Denton (Supporting): Female, 40-60. Artie’s mother and licensed psychiatrist; Martha is a warm and outgoing woman; describing her as a modern day hippie wouldn’t be far from the truth. Required Media: Headshot/Photo, Video Reel.

Wesley Denton (Supporting): Male, 45-65. Martha’s husband and Artie’s dad; Wesley is a civil engineer with a charming personality and nagging desire to remain “hip”; Wesley firmly believes in keeping up with the times, this personality trait complements Martha’s free spirit and open mind. Required Media: Headshot/Photo, Video Reel.

Ripley Csupo (Supporting): Female, 23-33. Founder of Moxie Production and head writer and creator of animated action sitcom, “The Untraceables”; Ripley is a head strong leader who doesn’t respond well to nonsense; she is tough as nails and carries herself with class and dignity in a male dominated industry. Required Media: Headshot/Photo, Video Reel.

Tex Hartman (Supporting): Male, 40-65. Required Media: Headshot/Photo, Video Reel

Rehearsals Spring 2021; shoots Summer 2021 in San Diego and Los Angeles, CA.

Pay is Stipend.

Seeking talent from: San Diego, CA; Los Angeles, CA.

Apply here. 

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