Casting “Definitely Not Butcher And Hughie.” Synopsis: This is short, emotional scene between two estranged brothers, who fight to take down the evil men who run the world. Jim (the older, tough-skinned and clever) calls his younger brother Tommy (kind and intuitive, looks up to Jim) asking for help getting into a personal office of a shady entrepreneur. This is an attempt by Jim to reconnect with Tommy because they had a rough relationship and a serious falling out. Tommy understands this and is upset that Jim won’t be honest about his feelings. Only three pages, done over Zoom. This is a school project for CCH (Columbia College Hollywood) that will take place over a zoom meeting. The casting will be done through self-taped auditions and Zoom interviews. We will rehearse and shoot the final scene all over zoom and you will receive the edited final project in June.

Jim Boyd (Lead): 30-50. Is smart, tough and acts for what’s best (or what he wants, sometimes, not often); he’s funny, a good leader and bastard to everyone; he’s also insensitive to others and himself; he suppresses his feelings and doesn’t burden the feelings of others; he tries to remain rational at all times but has a quick temper and a short-sighted energy; a real ESTP if you know what I mean; the only person he’s truly close to and allows in just a little bit is his younger brother Tom, whom he calls Tommy; Tommy is practically the opposite of Jim and the only one who understands him; there’s no-one Jim cares for more than Tommy, but they’ve had a serious falling out some time ago. Required Media: Headshot/Photo, Video Reel

Tommy Boyd (Lead): Male, 25-35. Tom or Tommy, as referred to by his older brother Jim, is a kind-hearted, intuitive young adult who has lived most of his life following the lead of Jim; Tommy has a way of understanding people and seeing the good and bad in them; he’s quiet and often leaves his opinions unheard, yet he has a deep anger and regret he never allows himself to let out; he’s not prone to emotional outbursts although he is highly emotional and aware of it; he has unique perspectives on life and unconscious lust for adventure; a hardened INFJ, if I do say so myself; at this point in his life he’s had enough of Jim’s bullshit, mistreatment and general life threatening adventures; though he’d be a liar to deny he misses it; him and Jim had a serious falling out and haven’t spoken since; both want to reconvene but neither will suck it up and reach out. Required Media: Headshot/Photo, Video Reel

First rehearsal Wednesday May 26 from 2-6 p.m. PT; additional rehearsal and shoot dates are to be determined, all of which over Zoom.

Copy and credit provided.

Seeking talent: Nationwide (United States)

Apply here. 

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