If you are serious about pursuing an acting career, using YouTube is not really a choice. Even established actors such as Ryan Reynolds and Will Smith use this platform to maintain and expand their brand. If you want to make it in the entertainment business, a strong YouTube presence is required. Fortunately, you can become a YouTube star at home without fancy equipment. All you need to make a splash is talent and persistence.

No Money Required

YouTube is free. As an actor, you need to use every possible resource, particularly ones that are free. YouTube has given a great gift to an entire generation – the ability to have their work seen with literally no investment beyond talent and a smartphone. If you have the equipment to make more sophisticated work, do so, but realize that a great homemade clip can draw millions of viewers and the attention of important people in the industry. So post your work often.

Acting Community

You can use YouTube to interact with more people in the entertainment industry. You undoubtedly have a group of acting friends already, but YouTube expands that circle. You can find others with complementary talents and team up with them for more YouTube content. Also, your YouTube network can introduce you to talent scouts, agents, producers, etc., who are looking for fresh faces.

Earn Money

You won’t get rich from YouTube, at least not at first, but you can make some needed cash from your YouTube posts through advertising arrangements such as AdSense. You can also become a YouTube partner for a nominal monthly amount and benefit from advanced features that will increase your earnings.


Working with YouTube also lets you explore your creativity with little risk. Maybe you’ve always wanted to try comedy but were afraid that you didn’t have the chops. Or you think you have a nice voice but prefer not to try it out live. Make a YouTube video and measure the reaction to it. Sure, your efforts may get panned, but YouTube offers you a layer of protection that makes failure seem less painful. And, of course, you may just be a hit. In any instance, you’ll get valuable feedback that will allow you to grow as an actor and performer.

Preview Work

YouTube allows you to advertise your current and past roles, potentially exposing your work to millions of people. Use it to post previews of movies, TV shows, and plays. Did you give the performance of your life in an indie effort three years ago? Highlight it on your YouTube channel. Use the platform to get your best work out into the world.

Practice Your Craft

Even established actors need to practice their craft. If you currently have no acting project, hone your talent by working on YouTube. You’ll stay fresh and ready for that big opportunity when it shows up. And most importantly, you’ll be doing the thing you love most in the world: acting.

Being an actor is never easy, but YouTube has made the process less difficult in several ways. You get a free or inexpensive forum where you can showcase your talents without ever leaving home. The competition on YouTube is fierce, but talent still rises to the top. So take advantage of this opportunity and make YouTube one of your go-to career tools.

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