Personal Style

No one knows self-branding better than public figures and celebrities. Celebrities have established their authority through their personal brand to create opportunities and long-term success. There’s a lot we can learn from public figures and others with celebrity status no matter which industry you’re interested in.

Some key lessons we can learn from celebrities when it comes to personal branding include:

  • Being savvy about social media: When it comes to your personal brand, it’s important to be strategic with what you choose to put out into the world. Celebrities like Rihanna and Lady Gaga have an enormous number of followers on social media and they’re careful about what they post because of how they might be perceived based on those posts. Think about what you’re putting into the world the next time you post something on your social media page. Ask yourself if what your posting is in keeping with your personal brand.
  • Stay authentic: It’s one thing to stay professional and it’s another to be inauthentic. Be sure when you’re posting on social media, speaking publicly, or taking on a new opportunity that you never try to be something you’re not. Inauthenticity is one of the quickest ways to lose trust.
  • Define your communication process: Posting the wrong things on social media or saying the wrong thing in an interview are easy ways to hurt your personal brand. This is a common issue many celebrities struggle with. Beyonce wondered in her self-produced HBO documentary Life Is But a Dream, “How do I stay current, but how do I stay soulful?” To help protect your brand, make sure to set boundaries about what you’re willing to talk about and what you’re willing to post on social media.

As a personal image consultant, I can help you establish your personal brand, figure out your communication process on social media, and even connect you to the right people for long-term success. Ready to get started? Contact me today at Erica Mann, LLC to learn more.

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