Casting two Cantonese voice actors for a short phone call within “Searching,” a short film.

Production states: “This is a long-distance phone call made between Montreal, Canada, and Guangzhou, China. Back in the 90s, they would use pre-paid phone cards to call as a way to avoid surprise fees from the telephone company. These calls were rare and short, they were saved for special occasions during the year. Otherwise, communication was only through letters. Synopsis of the short film: This is inspired by my mother’s early experience immigrating from China to Canada. Li, the main character, moves to Canada in the early 90s in hopes of finding a better life for herself and her children. It wasn’t always easy, but she finds it in herself to keep on persevering. Themes touched upon are homesickness and hope.”

Li (Voiceover): Female, 25-30. A young woman who has immigrated to Montreal, Canada. She does her best to adapt to a city with two language barriers, but she can’t help but feel homesick. Although she was a bookkeeper in China, she has had to take up a dishwasher job in Canada. She looks forward to her calls to her family and tries to stay brave for them, only telling them about the good things in Canada. Tone: Excited, and happy. At one point she is trying to hold back happy tears. Her included scratch track for reference of dialogue is Voicetrack_1. Languages: Cantonese. Accents: Cantonese. Required Media: Voice Reel.

Ping (Voiceover): Female, 28-35. While not much older than her sister Li, already has a family and a daughter going into grade school. She worries about her sister but is equally excited about the opportunity that Li has in Canada. She misses her sister a lot because they were very close growing up. The included “Voice_Scratchtrack_2” is not quite the tone I’m looking for. Ping should be excited to hear from her sister, all the while trying to make sure that Li is taking care of herself. Languages: Cantonese. Accents: Cantonese. Required Media: Voice Reel.

Talent works remotely.

Unpaid. Production states: “I would send you the finished voice files/sound mixing back to you so that you may use them in your demo reel. I would also provide voice acting credit in my short film.”

Seeking talent: Worldwide

Apply here. 

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