With the sheer number of businesses, entrepreneurs, and creatives doing business and marketing to clients online today, it is a struggle to make your business brand and personal style stand out from the rest. But it isn’t completely hopeless. Consumers are looking for brands and people that they can relate to, vibe with, and appreciate. Above all, they want a brand that they can trust.

According to research, 31% of consumers report that trustworthiness is their most valued brand attribute. Building your brand’s trustworthiness is about being consistent, and creating an image that clients enjoy and are drawn to. Personal branding consulting services can help you with your image, and help improve your relationship with your target audience.


Personal branding consulting services from a professional in the industry can help you find the best way to brand yourself by helping you to create a level of consistency across your business. They can help design everything from your website, social media, marketing copy, and images in a unique, striking, and eye-catching way to grab the attention of those you wish to attract. By being consistent in every area of your brand, you are able to be recognizable by your market and audience.


The point of building your personal brand through personal branding consulting services isn’t to lie to your audience. You don’t want to try to be something you aren’t just so that you can catch attention. Catching your audience’s attention isn’t enough. You also have to keep it by being honest (trustworthy). You want to tell the truth by finding a unique and interesting way to show who you are and to portray that uniqueness so that others can see it.

People are drawn to honesty, and they want to know who you are, and what makes you different from every other competitor brand in your field. This will also help you build confidence in your own unique style and skills and personality, as people are drawn to you for you, and not for some front you put up to build more business.


A by-product of building your online image and brand is that you become recognizable, and therefore begin to stand out in people’s minds and build connections. This can lead to opportunities like speaking engagements, guest-blogging, travel, and meetings with people you never would have met if you hadn’t been recognized. It can sometimes seem that personal, human connection isn’t as important in this age of media and the internet, but the opposite is true.

Just because it’s through a screen, it doesn’t make the connection between you and your audience any less important. And just like you make friends in real life, you can begin to build real, honest, connections through your blog, social media, marketing strategies, consultations, and referrals. The more connections you build, the more trustworthy and real you will seem to your audience.

Personal brand consulting services and image consultants can help you take your business to the next level, and increase your trustworthiness with your audience by helping your brand be consistent, honest, and build real connections both online and in real life. Connect with a personal brand consultant who you trust to help you revamp your business, brand, and personal style.

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